fuckifyuagreeimbright asked: Hii I want a shoutout

Anonymous asked: How do I submit? :c

There is a submit button right next to the ask button, not positive if you can submit on a mobile device so you might have to get on the computer if that’s the issue, Hope this helped. xoxo
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waywardsoulsbeconme asked: Name: Camille age:16 Location: Houston kik: pyrotendencies. I will be on it as often as need I check my personal blog multiple times a day so I would check this one as often. you can trust me because no matter what or who has tried to get information from me has failed. only reason why I would disclose any information is if it was life threatening. I want this "job" because I know it can be really hard to find someone and if I can help out just by posting a picture id love to.

Jenna. 19. Pennsylvania.


i--refuse--to-sinkkk asked: ey my name is Samantha I am 17 I am a senior in high school I play soccer. I live in Pennsylvania come talk to me Kik is Sammiexoxo1

satanswasteland.tumblr.com, 21, wales.

That would be me, Asia :)

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I’m Kristyn. Age 22. Connecticut. Music, Movies, Cuddles, Femmes. <3 I need more gays in my life!! 


Brittney, 16, from wisconsin, come say hey!:)



My name is JT. florida/weed/16/single/like fem girls